Rectory Lane Cemetery Bench by Murray Kerr


Our designs for new seating to Rectory Lane Cemetery in Berkhamsted are currently in production and due for installation later this month. The benches are formed from 15mm thick galvanized steel bases with Cumaru hardwood beams spanning between to form the seat. Five benches are being fabricated, three of which will be installed in the cemetery's Garden of Remembrance.

TALKING HEADS by Murray Kerr


This month Murray is heading north of the border to talk at this year's Archifringe event where our Frankentype model is again being exhibited. Closer to home, Murray is taking part in the LFA's Boundary Kucha and Andrew will be presenting the Floating Church at the Spiritual, Sacred, Secular conference at Westminster.

ROOF DELIVERY by Murray Kerr

FC Roof Open.jpg

Progress on our Floating Church project continues apace and this month saw the delivery of the 8m long aluminium roof to Turks shipyard in Chatham. The roof will raise by 1.5m at its front edge to create a dramatic internal volume during worship, and flood the space with light.

ANT AND BEE by Murray Kerr

190319_Draft View.jpg

Our latest project with Arrant Land, Ant and Bee, has now been granted planning permission. The two new-build houses are located on a backland site overlooking a nature reserve in Maidstone. The site is accessed via a low entrance off the street and the buildings have been conceived with simple, ‘light-touch’ structural principles to facilitate development. Anyone fancy a self-build project with us? Get in touch...


Ashton Drawing.jpg

Andrew has been back to his old school to give a presentation on being an architect. As part of the workshop, the students were asked to design their dream home on an infill site before swapping drawings with their neighbours to design a school extension (with varying degrees of sensitivity to their host building…). The students were impeccably behaved and produced some confident and original work which they then presented to their classmates. Keep an eye out on our ‘Other Ideas’ page where we will be posting all of the students drawings…

Doolan Prize 2018 - Winner by Murray Kerr


Murray attended the ceremony which saw Reiach and Hall win the 2018 Doolan Prize for the best building in Scotland. The event was held at the new V+A outpost in Dundee. Surely a contender for next year’s prize.

Doolan Prize 2018 by Murray Kerr


Murray is delighted to have been invited to take part in judging the 2018 Doolan Prize for the best building in Scotland. Results will be announced at the new V+A in Dundee. It was a great trip with Gordon Murray PPRIAS and Anna Liu of Tonkin Liu.

AJ Awards Shortlist by Murray Kerr

Denizen Works_IMG_6814.jpg

We are delighted to have been shortlisted for the AJ Awards for Haddo Yard. We are in the Housing Projects under £10M category so we are up against it but you’ve got to be in it etc.

Bucharest - SHARE 2018 by Murray Kerr


Murray was over in Bucharest this month sharing some of Denizen Works’ latest projects. They seemed to go down we are hoping that we will soon be welcoming new clients from across the Channel.