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PAPE BIRD TOWER with Yuto Fujii

As its generative principle, the concept for our proposal draws on the memory of the former bird tower which was dramatically destroyed by fire after being struck by lighting. Our architecture seeks to preserve the memory of this event and the former tower by transforming it into a new space that will delight its users and provide an inspiring place for bird watchers.

The volume of the old tower is expressed as a void and its walls clad in charred timber to provide a poetic memory of the former tower. This central volume is wrapped in a thick protective wall into which a series of niches are 'carved' creating pockets of sculptural spaces for bird observation. This approach to mass and void was inspired by woodpeckers' nests and castle/tower house architecture.

Area: 25 m2・  Budget: £100k ・  Competition: May 2017
Client: WWF