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Rectory Lane Cemetery, Berkhamstead

The concept draws on the predominant visual motif found throughout the cemetery - the cross. This motif is composed into a three dimensional form to create two metal bases which support a solid timber seat.

The stainless steel bases form a cruciform in plan and along each elevation of the bench. Sections of solid oak span between these bases to form a tactile sitting surface, warm and soft to touch, that will age beautifully and reveal the patina of time.

The edges of the stainless steel cruciform base plates will be ground and polished to create a reflective surface. These edges will catch the light at different times of the day, illuminating the cross and providing a moment of visual poetry.

The design was chosen as the winner from over 50 international entries and is due for construction in Spring 2018.

Area: 2m long・  Budget: £NA ・  Completion: Spring 2018
Client: Friends of St Peter's