House at Loch Awe

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Space for the Spirit - Chillida © Unknown

Space for the Spirit - Chillida © Unknown

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Dalmally, Scotland

The brief is for a 7-bedroom family home to accommodate our clients and their extended family with large entertainment spaces including room for an 18ft Christmas tree.

As the site has no existing architectural context, we began by thinking about the characteristics of the site including the magnificent views over Loch Awe and a small lochan to the east of the site. The house serves to connect these two bodies of water.

We also looked back into Scottish architectural history and as a result the house is conceived as a sculpted, eroded solid inspired by Scottish country residences of the past. From brochs and tower houses, through baronial piles and Mackintosh, there is even the influence of a local malting works that inspired the play in scale evident on the approach to the house.

The house is designed around a central double-height hall (with ample room for the Christmas tree) enclosed by a protective inhabitable wall containing the primary accommodation. The sensitive west elevation is kept narrow with living and dining spaces having the prime views while the house stretches across the landscape to make the most of the southern sun with the two-storey bedroom wing.

The landscape approach takes its cues from the historic Scottish castles which emerge from the rugged landscape with only small areas of external landscape treatment to allow spaces for our clients and their friends and family to sit in sunshine but sheltered from the west of Scotland wind.

The house is part of a wider masterplan for the site which includes landscape proposals to reintroduce areas of woodland and open glades along with a games room and bridge down at the lochan designed to enhance our clients relationship with the Scottish countryside.

The house will be finished in a rough, textured, large-scale harling with small areas of relief that will be provided by our take on pebble dash, in green slate, giving areas of accent to the house.

Area: 650m2・  Budget: £NA ・  Completion: July 2020
Client: Private